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„…For me, painting is an endless discovery. I am full of thoughts:
From the origins of life up to an inexplicable, naturally aggressive human species, which seems, like the ant, to be extremely busy.

Busy with what?
I still don’t know – I have to continue painting!

The canvas becomes a new body to be painted, gets its primer coat and turns out to be a white landscape that wants to be discovered.

Why heads?
Ideally, the heads are the concentration of the substance of figurative painting. The heads explains itself, turns out to be a personality, does not need explanations about space and time: It just needs colour to show itself to us – sometimes more, sometimes less clearly. Objectively, it is content with itself, subjectively, you can expect to find a friend.

Painting offers fantastic possibilities to articulate yourself. It develops meditatively or aggressively, loud or quiet, with meaning or a lot of sense for nonsense, planned or accidental, with a light hand or an exhausting struggle. The observer does not know any of this. He communicates with the painting anew and everybody is different. There are never the same exchanges, feelings and solutions. And it works like this over centuries and even longer – what a medium.
Stirring but mostly not obtrusive; rather quiet, mysterious, wanting to be discovered. A small document of time, anyway: Personal and honest.

Important? Who dares to decide?
Paintings are personalities that – with a little luck – we get to know and, with even more, we learn to understand: Mirrors of our own souls…”

Martin Heinig





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